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Greenbelt has observed a policy of Black Empowerment and Employment Equity since its initiation, our Corporate Social Trust is specifically being formed to work with grade 11 and 12 students of schools within the regions of our operations.


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Greenbelt Holdings (Proprietary) Limited – Reg No. 2004 / 024806 /07 is a registered company according to the South African laws and is situated in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Greenbelt Holdings identifies Tourism Opportunities and brings together known local and international professionals and key roll players into each development.   The Greenbelt Brand of Chalets and Hotels will most certainly lie in the design, which will cater comfortably for the Leisure Traveler as well as the Business Traveler, offering an office/room with a view.  

On the 24th November 2007 TARTAN DAY S.A. Was granted the ENDORSEMENT from the SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT to host the TARTAN GOLF CHALLENGE in SOUTH AFRICA - together with the Endorsement to Host the event we also received 12 Spaces in the TARTAN DAY SCOTTISH GOLF CHALLENGE. It was in April 2008 when TARTAN DAY S.A. Designed and was granted it's own TARTAN - the TARTAN DAY S.A. TARTAN, Registration Number 10059 which is fully Endorsed by the Scottish Parliament.

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Tartanday SA

Garth Mohammed
Winner: Tartan SA Golf Challenge 2009
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